Our services

Our services

Lawula Group offers focused business consulting services with specialist solutions for new venture creation, start-up, and expansions projects. Led by a PhD candidate with extensive experience in strategy development, marketing communications, investment promotion and executive support, and research, the company offers top quality solutions to entrepreneurs and public or private sector clients.

Lawula has been developing feasibility studies and business plans as well as rendering strategy consulting, coaching, and mentorship services for private clients, municipalities and beneficiaries of state-owned small business development agencies.

The company taps into over 40 years shared experience among its staff and consultants. These include venture finance specialists, researchers, and strategists.

Within the Lawula Group are BizCafe which helps entrepreneurs register their businesses with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, and communications and magazine publishing company Truesight Communications, as well as the aforementioned business consulting services mentioned above.


`To help entrepreneurs start and run thriving commercial ventures


To provide affordable high quality business consulting services within reasonable time frames so entrepreneurs can start or grow their businesses with a trusted partner along the journey.

Brand promise/tagline

“with you all the way”